Abbey of Lérins

The abbey of Lérins is an abbey built between the 11th and 14th centuries, then in the 19th century after being closed during the French Revolution. This construction, however, replaced another monastery which existed since the 5th century and was supposedly founded by Honoratus who gave his name to the island.

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Other nearby buildings

Notre-Dame de Ronzières Church, Tourzel-Ronzières

Pre-Romanesque church rebuilt at the end of the 12th century, situated on a basalt spur. The church was built during the Romanesque period on the site of the chapel dedicated to Saint-Baudime, and preserves Romanesque parts amidst Gothic additions. The building had a pyramidal bell tower destroyed around 1813 or 1814 and replaced at that time by the present bell tower.

Vence Cathedral

The present cathedral was built in 1400, following the footsteps of the previous one which was demolished. It was rebuilt in 1507, after the collapse of the bell tower.