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Europe is a diverse and inspiring continent, full of fascinating details, places, people and events. Our religious heritage is not only a window into this past, but also provides enjoyment and inspiration for its architecture, its beauty and its splendour. These lists show some of the ways that Europe's religious heritage can be enjoyed today.

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The Holy Mile, in the footsteps of San Gennaro in Naples

The Holy Mile (Miglio Sacro) of Naples is a one-mile-long itinerary, through sacred places linked to the city's patron saint, San Gennaro, in the Rione Sanità district. The tour begins at the Catacombs of San Gennaro, where the saint was buried in the 5th century and finishes at Porta de San Gennaro, which is Naples' oldest city gate. Discover the city from a new perspective with this unique walking tour.

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Religious heritage of Bodø, European Capital of Culture for 2024

Bodø has evolved from a picturesque fishing village to a bustling cultural epicentre in the northeastern Norwegian county of Nordland. Visitors can marvel at its exceptional natural environment, delight in its gastronomy full of flavours from the sea and wander among its 21st-century architecture. Here is a list of the top churches to visit in Bodø, the only European Capital of Culture above the Arctic Circle.

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A tour of the Jewish Quarter in Prague

The Jewish Quarter of Prague is a unique landmark between the Old Town Square and the Vltava River that bears witness to the history of the Jewish community in Europe since the first Jews settled here in the 13th century. Over the centuries, new Jewish communities moved to Prague after being expelled from other European countries, making this the largest Jewish Quarter on the continent. The old Josefov quarter has preserved six synagogues and the Old Jewish Cemetery. Discover the history behind each of these sites!

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Five famous cemeteries you must visit in Europe

Cemeteries serve as places of eternal rest for the deceased, but they also nourish the living with the historical events, cultural trends and artistic movements and beliefs of the past. The style, history, and peculiarity of the following cemeteries make them some of the most unique in Europe.

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Amazing church clocks

Churches are home to amazing artefacts. In some cases, an a priori ordinary object such as the church clock, can become a real highlight, either because of its appearance, operation or the information it provides. Here are six amazing church clocks you must know about in Europe.

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Contemporary Mosques of Europe

Mosque architecture in Europe extends beyond the Moorish mosques of Al-Andalus and the Ottoman mosques of the Balkans. During the 20th and 21st centuries, many mosques have been built that blend centuries of tradition with modern design. Here are some of the most prominent contemporary mosques on the continent.