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Europe is a diverse and inspiring continent, full of fascinating details, places, people and events. Our religious heritage is not only a window into this past, but also provides enjoyment and inspiration for its architecture, its beauty and its splendour. These lists show some of the ways that Europe's religious heritage can be enjoyed today.

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Saaremaa Churches

Churches of Estonia are indicative of the rich history of the country, marked by successive occupations by Scandinavian merchants, German religious orders and neighbouring Russians. The beautiful island of Saaremaa contains an extremely well-preserved and representative sample of Estonia's rich sacred heritage.

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Crypts are among the oldest Christian religious constructions. Their lack of daylight and the frequent presence of tombs also make them a spooky place in popular culture. But far from being a sordid place, crypts can be real architectural gems, as in the following cases.

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A Little History Of Cathedrals

Many of us may think we know what a cathedral is, "an important religious building, being the centre of a bishopric and dating from the Middle Ages". Yet the definition is not as simple as it seems. In order to clarify what a cathedral is, we offer you a short history of these unique buildings.

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Europe's Oldest Pipe Organs

Organs contribute to the magical atmosphere of the churches. These massive instruments, perched as if by a miracle, are works of art made for centuries by a true artisanal elite.

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Sunken Churches

The construction of dams in the 20th century led to the engulfment of entire villages all over Europe. In a few rare cases, their location can be guessed from their churches, parts of which remain above water, giving the strange sight of partially sunken churches.

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Castle Chapels

The chapels of castles are often moving testimonies of the life of the chatelains, and bear the traces of their weddings, coronations or burials. If you visit these castles, don't forget to take a look at their chapels!

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Lipót Baumhorn's Synagogues

Lipót Baumhorn (1860-1932) was one of the greatest synagogue architects in Europe, whose monumental work can be admired in the former territory of the Kingdom of Austria-Hungary.

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Monastic Libraries

Before gradually spreading to all strata of society in the 19th and 20th centuries, literacy was the responsibility of the clergy, especially monks. So it is not surprising that monastic libraries are among the oldest, and most impressive, that have been passed down to us.

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University Churches

For the first week of school, we have drawn up a list of famous university churches and chapels. Let yourself be carried away by these places which will take you back to the creation of universities in Europe, far back in the Middle Ages.

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Monasteries of Moldova

Wedged between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is one of Europe's last and best-kept secrets. In these orthodox lands, monks been building impressive monasteries since at least the 15th century.