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Using the Religiana platform to promote your religious heritage site will open it up to a global audience, allowing travellers from across the world to learn more about the history of your building and why it is worth a visit. At the same time, you can share information for tourists and advice on how to get there. This mix of practical and marketing information allows you to appeal directly to visitors and increases the ease of access to your building. You can also highlight the maintenance and preservation needs of the building, helping you solicit donations from visitors.

Religiana is very simple to use and is completely free, making it a great searching tool for all kinds of religious heritage sites.

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Religiana Partners

Alde Fryske Tsjerken Foundation - The aim of Alde Fryske Tsjerken Foundation the is the restoration and preservation of historically significant church buildings in the province of Friesland. In this respect, it has the status of a "Professional Organisation for the Preservation of Monuments" (POM). The Foundation also wants to awaken public interest in church buildings. Alde Fryske Tsjerken is a member of FRH.

Asociația Pentru Turism Bucovina - Bucovina Tourism Association was established at the end of 2001 at the joint initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Suceava County, the IBD-GTZ office in Romania and with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, public administration officials and all tourism agents. The Association was and is the main organisation providing the promotion of Bucovina as a tourism destination, in cooperation with public institutions and other associations established at a sub-destination level.

European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative (ESJF) - The European Jewish Cemteries Initiative is a German-based non-profit established in 2015 by Rabbi Isaac Schapira with the core objective of protecting and preserving Jewish cemeteries across Europe through the accurate delineation of cemetery boundaries and the construction of walls and locking gates. The ESJF has managed to fence over 250 Jewish cemeteries across Europe, has conducted mass surveys using cutting edge drone technology, produced publications and conducted educational outreach.


European Route of Brick Gothic - European Route of Brick Gothic brings together members who are aware of the value, significance and cultural tourism potential of their Brick Gothic buildings, and who are keen to pool their resources and raise awareness of their heritage among the European public. The European Route of Brick Gothic today encompasses cities, regions and buildings, mainly from the southern Baltic Sea region.

Fortified Churches Foundation - The Fortified Churches Foundation is an expert institution dedicated to preserving and maintaining the religious heritage of the Evangelic Church of Augustan Confession in Romania (ECR). To do so, a large number of activities that go beyond the fields of construction and preservation are intended. Fortified Churches Foundation is a member of FRH. 

Foundation for Jewish Heritage - The Foundation for Jewish Heritage is dedicated to the preservation of Jewish architectural sites, working internationally to ensure a future for historic synagogues, Jewish monuments and places of cultural significance. The Foundation commissioned research, undertaken by the Center for Jewish Art of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, to create an inventory of the historic synagogues across the whole of Europe. Foundation for Jewish Heritage is a member of FRH.

Kirkesok - Kirkesok is a website that contains all churches belonging to the Norwegian Church. It is operated by KA, an organisation that aims to ensure professional and long-term management of the church buildings. On behalf of the Ministry of Church Affairs of Norway, KA is responsible for the development of the Church Building Database, which is a management tool for local, regional and central administrative units.

Klosterland - Klosterland is a non-profit organisation created in 2013, to establish trans-regional, cross-border cooperation among abbeys and promote the preservation and revitalisation of monastic heritage. Under the Klosterland umbrella, members also present their offerings as well as network products, like exhibitions, concerts, events and information media. The member organisations, are mainly located in Germany and northwest of Poland. Klosterland is a member of FRH.

National Churches Trust - The work of the National Churches Trust is dedicated to supporting places of worship of historic, architectural and communal value used by Christian denotations throughout the UK.  They do this by providing grants for urgent repairs and community facilities, helping places of worship keep their buildings in good repair through their “MaintenanceBooker” service, and on their Explore Churches website making it easy for everyone to discover the wonder of the UK’s sacred heritage. National Churches Trust is a member of FRH.