Ali Pasha Mosque

The Ali Pasha Mosque is a complex built from 1560 to 1561. The mosque restored in 1894 was severely affected by Serb attacks during the Bosnian war. The building was finally rebuilt in 2004 and added to the list of national monuments in 2005.

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Other nearby buildings

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Saint Vincent de Paul Church

The Church of St. Vincent de Paul in Sarajevo was built in November 1883 in the neo-gothic style. Attached to the church is a monastery built at the same time for a women's congregation. During the siege of Sarajevo by the Serbs, the church was damaged by grenades. The roof was damaged, as well as Gabriel's painting Jurkić.

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St. Joseph's Church

St. Joseph's Church is a Catholic church whose construction began in 1936. It was built in the neo-Romanesque style and was designed and built by the architect Carlo Paržik (1857-1942). The main marble altar of the church is a gift of Pope Pius XII.