Arka Pana

The Lord's Ark church (Arka Pana) was built in the years 1967-1977 according to the plans of the architect mgr. Eng. Wojciech Pietrzyk. The roof of the building makes the church look like not only the arch but also the chapel of Ronchamp, designed by Le Corbusier.

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Remu Synagogue

The Remu Synagogue was first built in 1553 and called the New Synagogue to distinguish it from the Old Synagogue ( Stara Boznica). The first building was destroyed in a fire in 1557 and restored in stone in 1557 under plans by Stanislaw Baranek, a Krakow architect. The current building was restored in 1829 and again in 1933. The synagogue is in late Renaissance style and is still an active place of worship.