Bajrakli Mosque

Built in the 16th century during the Ottoman rule of Serbia, this is the only remaining mosque out of over 200 that once stood in Belgrade. During the Austrian occupation of Serbia in the 18th century, the mosque was briefly converted into a catholic church, but returned to being a mosque when the Ottomans recaptured Serbia. The mosquew as written about in several historic texts that describe Belgrade and has survived due to its designation as a national heritage site.

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Other nearby buildings

St. Michael's Cathedral

Belgrade Cathedral was built in 1837-1840 on the site of an older church, dedicated to the Holy Archangel Michael. It is since 1979 a classified cultural monument.

St. Mark's Church

The Church of St. Mark of Tasmajdan was built between 1931 and 1940, in the immediate vicinity of an old church from 1835. It was designed in the spirit of the architecture of the serbo-Byzantine style, inspired by the church from the Gracanica monastery. It was the largest orthodox church in pre-war Yugoslavia.