Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin

The Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin is the result of the enlargement under Pope Hadrian I (772-790) of an ancient Christian place of worship attested since the 6th century. It also underwent a major renovation in 1123, making it one of the few examples of 12th-century sacred architecture in Rome. It is known to house the Bocca Della Verità. The 8th-century crypt has a rectangular plan, with a flat ceiling, and a tripartite hall with naves of four bays each with Corinthian columns. A peculiarity of this crypt is the transept, one of the rare cases of reintroduction of this element, typically Constantinian, into Carolingian architecture.

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Other nearby buildings

Wikimedia Commons/Sailko

Chiesa di San Giovanni Decollato

The church of San Giovanni Decollato was built between 1504 and 1588 on the site of an earlier church, Santa Maria de fovea. It was granted in 1488 to the Arciconfraternita di San Giovanni decollato, of Florentine origin, who had it rebuilt in 1504. The purpose of the Arciconfraternita was to assist those condemned to death, to invite them to repent, to comfort them until the end and to bury their bodies.1600 Clement VIII had the cloister built, in which the mass graves of the condemned buried here can still be seen. Further restorations were carried out in 1727 and 1888.

Wikimedia Commons/Nicholas Gemini

Chiesa di San Giorgio in Velabro

The church of San Giorgio in Velabro was founded in 685, rebuilt in the 9th century on the initiative of Pope Gregory IV, and enlarged in the 11th century with the remodelling of the portico and the addition of the present five-storey bell tower. The large fresco on the apse's conch is attributed to Pietro Cavallini in the 13th century. In the 20th century, the church was radically restored to its early medieval, even paleochristian, appearance by Antonio Muñoz, Superintendent of Monuments in Rome, between 1923 and 1926. Since 1939, it has been administered by the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross.

Wikimedia Commons/Nicholas Gemini

Chiesa di Sant'Eligio dei Ferrari

The church of Sant'Eligio dei Ferrari was built in 1513 by the University of Ferrari on the site of the former church of San Giacomo d'Altopascio and San Martino di Monte Tito, both of which were granted to the University of Ferrari in 1453. The interior of the church, with a single nave and three altars on each side, is richly decorated with wood and golden stucco (1604).