Bayeux Cathedral

A first cathedral complex was built in the 7th century, including a Saint-Étienne church and a Notre-Dame church. Following a fire, Hugues II of Bayeux decided to rebuild the cathedral in the 11th century. The side aisles were modified in the 12th and 13th centuries, including the side chapels and a new choir, and the western arrows and the five-porch facade. Restoration work took place in the 19th century and resulted in a new copper dome.

About this building


Key Features

  • Architecture
  • Stained glass
  • Monuments
  • Interior features
  • Atmosphere / quiet space
  • Social heritage
  • Links to national heritage
  • Famous people or stories

Visitors information

  • Level access to the main areas
  • Parking within 250m

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Benedictine abbey founded in 1168 by a knight. The monastery buildings have just been added between the 13th and 18th centuries. It finally closed in 1781, then served as an agricultural reserve and quarry before being listed in 1915.

Saint-Pierre Church, Arromanches-Les-Bains

The nave dates from the 11th century. In the 18th century the building was modified with additions such as a bay for the choir and chapels. The church is completely rebuilt in the 19th century: the first bay is added, as well as the bell tower.