Bodø Cathedral

Bodø Cathedral was designed by architects Blakstad and Munthe-Kaas after an architectural competition in 1947. The church is built of reinforced concrete and has a monumental basilica-like main form with self-supporting bell towers. It was consecrated in 1956. The architects describe the building as a "basilica without columns".

About this building

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Key Features

  • Architecture
  • Monuments

Visitors information

  • Car park at the building
  • Accessible toilets in the building

Other nearby buildings

Rønvik Church

The Rønvik church was built in 1997 according to the plans of Bodø architect Reidar Berg from Arkitektstudio AS. The church has a bell tower in front of the entrance. The independent glass altarpiece, the Tree of Life, is made by Halvdan Ljøsnes and shows the connection between the Tree of Life and the cross.