Brody Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue in Brody was constructed of stone in 1742. In May 1859 the synagogue suffered in a great fire which destroyed most of Brody. The building was renovated in the mid-1960s and was shortly used as a storeroom. In 1991 there was an attempted restoration which was not implemented. The building is no longer in use.

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Pochayiv Lavra

Pochayiv Lavra is an Orthodox monastery of the sixteenth century located in the city of Pochaiv. It is the second largest Orthodox after the Lavra of Kiev-Pechersk, Ukraine.

Center for Jewish Art

Great Synagogue in Berestechko

The Great Synagogue in Berestechko is an Ashkenazi synagogue built between 1827 and 1885 by the architect Konstantin Rasturkhanov. This Baroque Survival brick building now serves as an office. According to the tourist guide of 1929, the exterior of the synagogue was decorated with paintings.