Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary

The Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary is a Romanesque church dating from the 11th century. Hardly anything is known about the cathedral before the year 1000, although in Koper, with interruptions, bishops have been enthroned since 520. The oldest mention of the Romanesque Church of Mary in Koper dates back to the end of the 11th century. The church houses the relics of St. Nazarius and St. Alexander.

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Church of St. Mavra

The parish church of St. Mavra dates back to the 15th century. On the site of the present parish church there was a church whose construction is mentioned in 1356. The present church, in the pseudo-Romanesque style with elements of the Renaissance, began to be built in 1547 after the demolition of the original Romanesque church. The works were directed by the architect Mazzafuoco of Venice and Francesco of Bologna from Koper. The new church was consecrated in 1553 and in 1585 a separate bell tower was built, which can still be seen today next to the church.

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Chiesa dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo

The Church of Saints John and Paul was built in the 15th century on the remains of an earlier sacred building with three apses that was consecrated in 1263. The church was completely remodelled between 1444 and 1467. The Romanesque building was enriched by covering the façade with white stone slabs, thus giving the building a Gothic-Venetian style.

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Church of St. Križa

The church of St. Križa dates back to the 9th century when the first church was built here. However, the present church is a Baroque reconstruction from 1756. The interior was painted in 1932 by the Koper painter Emergildo de Troy.