Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a Roman Catholic cathedral, built in 1889. The architect of the cathedral was none other than Josip Vancaš (1859-1932), who combined elements of Romanesque and Gothic styles in this project. The cathedral was built on the site of a former Janissary camp where the Austro-Hungarian administration intended to build a town market.

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Other nearby buildings

Wikimedia Commons/Donar Reiskoffer

Ferhadija Mosque

The Ferhadija mosque was built in the 16th century with a "kuttab" (school), a fountain and an "imaret" (public kitchen). These side buildings were unfortunately destroyed by successive fires (1697 and 1879), and the mosque was damaged during the Bosnian War (1992-1995).

Wikimedia Commons/Julian Nyča

Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius

The Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius is a neo-Renaissance Catholic church. The construction of this sacred, partly educational building started in 1892 after the acceptance of Josip Vancaš's project and was completed in 1896 when the church was blessed. The architect Vancaš (1859-1932), who was largely responsible for the present appearance of Sarajevo, introduced some Baroque elements into the neo-Renaissance structure, which can be seen on the façade, the bell tower and the sculptures.

Old Sephardi Synagogue

The Old Sephardi Synagogue was constructed in 1581. In both 1670 and 1778 the building burned down and rebuilt. It currently serves as a Jewish museum.