Church of St. Dionys

The church of St. Dionys dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries. An excavation museum was built under the church on the Esslingen market square in the 1960s. It shows the foundations of the walls of the former churches, attested on this site since 777. The church's greatest treasure is the magnificent stained glass windows in the choir dating from around 1300.

About this building

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  • Architecture
  • Stained glass
  • Monuments

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Other nearby buildings

Stuttgart Cathedral

The cathedral church of St. Eberhard has been a cathedral only since 1978. Although the parish dates back to the 10th century, the present building was completed in 1955, the previous one having been destroyed during the Second World War.


The Stiftskirche is a church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church and a well-known building in the city because of its irregular towers. Built from the 10th century, it is the only surviving architectural testimony of the Hohenstaufen period in Stuttgart.

Wikimedia Commons/Dagmar Hollmann

Hirsau Monastery

Hirsau Monastery, founded in the 12th century, was an important Benedictine abbey, one of the most important monasteries in Germany. Hirsau was already in the 7th century a Christian sanctuary in the northern Black Forest thanks to its chapel dedicated since 765 to St. Nazaire. During the War of the Nine Years' War (1688-1697), the complex burned down in 1692 and then fell into ruin.