church of St. Johannis

The church of St. Johannis, built between 1289 and 1470, is the oldest church in the city of Lüneburg. It is considered an important North German Gothic brick building. The interior of the church includes a 15th century carved altar, two large historical organs and eight bells of historical and sonorous value.

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Church of St. Nicholas, Lüneburg

St. Nicholas’ church, founded in 1407, is the youngest of the Lüneburg churches. The church is richly decorated with Gothic works of art. The four-wing high altar, originally in the St. Lambert's Church, which was demolished in the 1860s, is attributed to Hans Bornemann (before 1458). In the choir gallery there are remains of a high altar from the former Heiligental monastery church.

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Church of St. Michael, Lüneburg

The Church of St. Michael, founded in 1376, is one of the most important hall churches in northern Germany. In 1390 the eastern parts of the church were consecrated, in 1418 the western part of the church was consecrated. The so-called abbey chapel, which adjoins the church to the north on two floors, is said to have been completed in 1412. In 1434, the tower would have already reached a height of 42 m.

Lüne Monastery

The monastery of Lüne is a former Benedictine monastery built in the 14th century on a former monastery burnt down in 1372. The monastery courtyard is surrounded on three sides by Gothic buildings from the 15th and 16th centuries and on the fourth side by the guest house representative of the late Baroque.