Collégiale Notre-Dame d'Aigueperse

The first construction of the church dates back to 1016, but it did not take its final shape until the end of the 12th century, when the choir and transept were erected as they are now. The rest of the building collapsed for lack of maintenance in 1727 and was rebuilt in 1734.

About this building

The church is oriented in the shape of a Latin cross. It ends in a polygonal chevet with five apse chapels with ambulatory and has a central vessel flanked by aisles.

Key Features

  • Monuments

Visitors information

  • Level access to the main areas

Other nearby buildings

Aigueperse Holy-Chapel

Built in 1475, work was completed in 1496 and the chapel was built on the model of the Riom Sainte-Chapelle. As a Sainte-Chapelle, it housed a relic of the Passion of Christ, a thorn in his crown.

Sainte-Anne Church, Châtel-Guyon

The church of Sainte-Anne was built in 1845 on a hill called "le Calvaire". It includes 800 m2 of astonishing frescoes created in 1956 by Nicolaï Greschny, an Estonian painter.