Derinkuyu Park Mosque

The Derinkuyu Park Mosque is a contemporary architectural place of worship located in the Kültür Park at Derinkuyu, Turkey.

About this building

Its designer was not an architect but a sculptor, Hakkı Atamulu. The minaret is undoubtedly one of the most unique in modern mosque architecture. It originates from the main mosque building with a wide base that gradually narrows to a pointed end.

Key Features

  • Architecture
  • Monuments

Other nearby buildings

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Tokalı Church

The Tokalı church is the most famous of Göreme's excavated churches, one of the largest. The church consists of four rooms and the oldest part of the church dates back to the 10th century. One of the most important features of the church is the presence of 10th-century frescoes in the nave. The church is now part of the Göreme Open Air Museum.

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Somuncu Baba Tomb

Located in the city of Aksaray, this museum and mosque was opened to the public in 2010. It describes the life of Somuncu Baba using miniatures and oral explanations. Hamiduddin Aksarayi (1331-1412), better known by the nickname of Somuncu Baba was an ascetic practitioner and teacher of Islam in Bursa, who exerted a great influence in the region to the point of being considered a Muslim saint. He taught at the Ulu Camii (Great Mosque) in Bursa, following the instructions of the Sultan Bayezid I himself. Among his pupils were Molla Fenari and Hacı Bayram-i Veli. His tomb and mosque are located next to the museum.