Fortified church of Leça do Balio

The Monastery of Leça do Balio, which houses the fortified church of Santa Maria de Leça do Balio, was probably founded in the 10th century at the border of the Asturian Kingdom in the context of the Reconquista. In possession of the Order of Malta from the 12th century, the monastery received further enlargements and renovations that gave it defensive features in Romanesque style, the most striking element of which was the construction of the 28 meters high tower provided at the top with machicolations and arrowslits.

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Other nearby buildings

Igreja da Trindade (Porto)

The Trinity Church is concomitant with the building of the Porto City Hall. It was built during the first half of the 19th century and opened in 1841.

Capela de Santa Catarina (Santo Ildefonso)

The construction of the Chapel of Souls or Chapel of Santa Catarina dates back to the late eighteenth century, when the brotherhood of souls and Chagas of San Francisco passed from the monastery of Santa Clara to the chapel of Santa Catarina. The building has about 16,000 "azulejos" on its exterior facade.