Great Synagogue in Drohobych

The Great Synagogue in Drohobych is an Ashkenazi synagogue built between 1844 and 1863. It was restored ca. 1928 and recently in 2016. This Rundbogenstil building still serves as a synagogue.

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Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity Cathedral was built in its present form in 1690 as a Roman Catholic church, and the adjacent premises were completed much later as a monastery of the Carmelite fathers. In 1795, Emperor Joseph II liquidated the monastery, nationalising the property. In 1808, the church became Greek Catholic. The church was renovated in 1894-1905. The iconostasis was painted in 1909 by the talented Galician painter Modest Sosenko. The church only became a cathedral in 1993.

Wikimedia Commons/Борис Мавлютов

Church of the Holy Cross

Wooden Church of the Holy Cross is mentioned for the first time in documents from 1496. The building was burned down during an attack on the city in 1499. A new church was not built until 1613. The building got a second floor in 1661. A renovation was conducted in 1715. The church closed in 1961 and was restored between 1970 and 1971.