Herz-Jesu-Kirche was built in the years 1997 to 2000 according to the plans of the Munich Allmann Sattler Wappner architectural office. The modern building is located on an old church, burned down in 1994, itself a replacement for a church destroyed during the Second World War. Herz-Jesu-Kirche is one of the most visited churches in Munich.

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The church of St. Paul, also called “Paulskirche” was built from 1892 to 1906 in neo-gothic style. With the 97-meter-high east tower, St. Paul is the highest church of Munich.

Abtei St. Bonifaz

St. Boniface is a Benedictine monastery founded in 1835 by King Ludwig I of Bavaria in a Byzantine style.


The "Municipal Hall" of Munich, also known as "Burggersaalkirche" since 1778, is a prayer and meeting room of the Marian Congregation of Men "Annunciation". It was built in 1709-1710 in a Baroque style.