Holy Cross Church

The Holy Cross Church is a wooden Orthodox church built around 1766. In 1942 a fire broke out in the temple. In 1943, the church was rebuilt from a dismantled Jewish synagogue that had been transported from Antopal. In 1948 the temple was closed down and the building was used as a warehouse. In 1952, the church building was handed over to the village club. In September 1989, the building was returned to the faithful.

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Church of the Resurrection

The Church of the Resurrection is an Orthodox church, a beautiful monument of wooden vernacular architecture with characteristics of classicism. It was built in 1854 from wood and in 1866 the bell tower was erected in front of the church. The rectangular building made of solid wood is covered with a gable roof with a hipped roof over the altar. The main facade is characterised by a stylised portico with four columns, above the pediment of which rises an onion-shaped dome on an octagonal light drum. During the construction of the temple, important deviations from the design were made: instead of two domes, one was placed on the front façade, a portico was erected and the projected dimensions were changed.

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Church of the Intercession

The Church of the Intercession is a wooden church built in 1740, rebuilt in 1884 by the engineer Alexander Roemer. The church hall is covered with a flat beamed ceiling. The sacristy is located behind the apse, which is underlined by an iconostasis created in the 1830s, and a choir above the entrance. In front of the church, there is a bell tower.

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Church of St. Nicholas

The Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas was built before 1725 and rebuilt in 1864. In 1868 an iconostasis was made and a vestibule was added. Since then it has been known as the Church of St. Nicholas. After being closed by the communist regime, the church was returned to the faithful in 1989.