Hunstad Church

Hunstad church is a church from 2013 in Bodø. The church is one of the few churches in Norway that is built integrated into a building complex. It is decorated by the artist Tor Lindrupsen. Hunstad church was designed by U2 architects.

About this building

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Key Features

  • Architecture

Visitors information

  • Level access to the main areas
  • Car park at the building
  • Accessible toilets in the building
  • Café in the building

Other nearby buildings

Bodin Church

Bodin Church, which is a medieval stone church dating from around 1240, has undergone several modifications over the years. As part of an extensive reconstruction in 1894, the church was given, among other things, a new tower on the west side and a Swiss-style exterior decoration. When the church was renovated in 1962-64, these new additions were removed and the church was restored in the style of the 18th century. The tower was demolished and the church was given an onion dome on the ridge. A new porch was built, and the interior, ceiling and gallery were renovated.

Rønvik Church

The Rønvik church was built in 1997 according to the plans of Bodø architect Reidar Berg from Arkitektstudio AS. The church has a bell tower in front of the entrance. The independent glass altarpiece, the Tree of Life, is made by Halvdan Ljøsnes and shows the connection between the Tree of Life and the cross.