Ibrahim Pasha Mosque

Initiated by order of Ibrahim Pasha (hence the name of the mosque) - Grand Vizier of Sultan Suleiman I the Magnificent, construction was stopped in 1536 after the death of the Vizier and was completed only in 1616 by Mahmoud Pasha. The horizontal forces from the dome are absorbed by four buttress corner towers and the pilasters along the cylindrical vestibule. The minaret is made of cut stone with plaster ornaments under the window. The interior of the mosque bears original frescoes.

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Other nearby buildings

Sahat Mosque

Located in the central part of the town, the mosque acquired its name from a clock tower that used to be next to it, for in Tukish the pronuciation of Sahat means clock. Inside the mosque, there is an elegant chandelier surrounded by walls covered with decorative faience tiles.

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Church of the Holy Virgin, Shumen

The Church of the Holy Virgin is a church of the Armenian community of Shumen, present in this city since the 17th century. The church burned down during the Russian-Turkish war of 1828-1829, so they rebuilt it in its present appearance in 1834.