Kilclispeen Monastery

The site of the Kilclispeen Monastery dates back to the 5th-7th century. The monastery may have been founded by an unknown man, St Crispen. Nothing remains of this monastery, except for two high crosses from the 8th century, the "North Cross" and the "South Cross". Standing in the cemetery, the two crosses are 4 metres high, are made of sandstone and represent biblical scenes. There is also the base of a third cross on this monastic site.

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Jerpoint Abbey

Jerpoint Abbey is a former Benedictine abbey, founded in the 1160s. In 1540 Jerpoint, like all British abbeys, was closed when the monasteries were dissolved. Jerpoint was then one of the wealthiest Cistercian abbeys in Ireland, but comparable in size to the smaller Cistercian establishments in England. Thanks to the passive attitude of the owners after the dissolution, the monastery was in a relatively good state of preservation until the 19th century. Jerpoint Abbey is notable for its 15th century stone carvings of animals, plants and figures. The best-preserved part of the building is the east wing.

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Holy Trinity Cathedral

The Holy Trinity Cathedral or simply Ballaghaderreen Cathedral is Waterford's Catholic Cathedral. The Cathedral was designed by a local architect, John Roberts, in 1793 and is one of the oldest cathedrals of the Catholic Church in Ireland. A chapel previously stood on the same site, having been built on the basis of a petition from Waterford's Catholic community, despite restrictions.

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Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral in Waterford's Irish Anglican Cathedral. The first church on this site was built in the 11th century. It was replaced in 1210 by a Gothic cathedral. In the 18th century, the parishioners recommended to the Bishop that a new church be built. The architect was John Roberts, who had already designed many Georgian buildings in Waterford.