Klara Church

The Klara or St. Klara Church is one of Sweden's highest church buildings. Begun in the 16th century, items such as the clock were added until 1965.

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Vladimir Levin

Great Synagogue in Stockholm

The Great Synagogue in Stockholm is an Ashkenazi synagogue built between 1867 and 1870 by the architect Fredrik Wilhelm Sholander. This Neo-Moorish brick building still serves as a synagogue.

Wikimedia Commons/I99pema

Adolf Fredrik Church

Built in the 18th century to replace a older wooden church in the same place. Its cemetery is where René Descartes was first buried in 1650, before his remains were moved to France. There is now only a memroial to him inside the church.

Riddarholm Church

The Riddarholm Church is a church founded around 1300. It was originally built as a Catholic monastery for the Gråbrödrakloster, founded in 1270 and belonging to the Franciscan Order, after being given by King Magnus Ladulås.