Malmö Synagogue

The Malmö Synagogue is a Moorish style building inaugurated in 1903. The Jewish community of Malmö was founded by Polish Jews in 1871, in 1900 the congregation appointed its first rabbi, Dr Josef Wohlstein, and in 1903 the synagogue was built.

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St. Peter's Church, Malmö

St Peter's Church is a Gothic brick church built in the 14th century, making it one of the oldest buildings in Malmö. Its Krämerkapelle chapel contains wall paintings from the 1460s and 1520s that are extremely well preserved.

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Västra Skrävlinge kyrka

Västra Skrävlinge Church was built between 1862 and 1863, replacing a medieval church that is believed to date back to the early 13th century. The church was designed by William Klein, the city architect of Malmö. The lower part of the tower and parts of the western wall remain from the medieval church.

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Arlövs kyrka

Arlöv Church is a neo-Gothic church built in 1900 according to the plans of the architect Alfred Arwidius, replacing the old Burlöv Church. The large stained glass windows in the chancel were created by the Danish artist Mogens Jörgensen.