Monasterboice (which means "Buithe Monastery") is the remains of a monastic settlement established in the 5th century by St. Buithe. Little is known about the monastery, except that it fell into ruin after the establishment of the nearby Cistercian abbey of Mellifont in 1142. The site includes the remains of two churches built in the 14th century or later and an old round tower, but it is especially famous for its high crosses. The three high crosses date from the 10th century and show biblical scenes.

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Mellifont Abbey

Mellifont Abbey was founded in 1142 on the initiative of Archbishop Malachie d'Armagh and Bernard of Clairvaux as a filiation of the Clairvaux monastery. The architect, Robert, came from France. The abbey was built entirely in the Gothic style of northern France and was totally atypical for Ireland at that time. Mellifont Abbey became the model for other Cistercian monasteries in Ireland and remained the largest abbey in Ireland even after its sacking in 1494 until its suppression in 1539.

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Bective Abbey

Bective Abbey is a former Cistercian abbey founded in 1147, before the Anglo-Norman invasion, as one of the first Cistercian monasteries in Ireland by the King of Meath Murchad Ua Maeil Sheachlainn as a daughter monastery of Mellifont Abbey and therefore belonged to the filiation of the primary abbey of Clairvaux. In 1537, the monastery was dissolved. No visible remains of the first building from the 12th century have survived. The nave still has walled arcades from the end of the 13th century.

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St Patrick's Cathedral

St Patrick's Cathedral is the Anglican cathedral of Trim. It rivals its namesake in Armagh as the oldest Anglican cathedral in Ireland. The main tower of the building is a remnant of the medieval parish church of Trim, of which ruins remain behind the present building. Bishops have sat in the church since 1536, but it was not granted cathedral status until 1955.