Motorway Chapel of Gramschatzer Wald

The motorway chapel Gramschatzer Wald is an ecumenical ‘road church’ located east of the Gramschatzer Wald junction of the Federal Motorway 7. The chapel was planned and built by the Regensburg architect Haymo Ruscheinsky. The prayer room was consecrated in 2015. The furniture is completely made of wood. The Regensburg painter Ralf Peinl designed the interior walls of exposed concrete with signs of death and resurrection.

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Tilman2007 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Synagogue in Arnstein

The Synagogue in Arnstein is an Ashkenazi synagogue completed in 1819. The eastern wall of the prayer hall above the Torah ark was decorated with a depiction of the Jerusalem Temple. Only upper part of the mural is preserved, showing open curtains and hanging lamps. During the renovation of 1905, the vault of the prayer hall was decorated with Judenstil paintings, including a pair of griffins flanking the semi-circle window in the eastern wall. Each griffin holds a coat of arms. The synagogue was renovated in 2008-2012 and serves now as a cultural center. In use until 1938, this stone synagogue now serves as a cultural centre.

Traveller Camera/Flickr

Veitshöchheim Synagogue

The synagogue was originally built in 1730 and is now newly renovated and in liturgical use again. The synagogue consists of a prayer hall, precentor quarters, and bathhouse. A small 18th century building next to the Synagogue, which was the home of a Jewish family until about 1850, is used today for the museum galleries.

Wikimedia Commons/DXR

Würzburg Cathedral

St. Kilian's Cathedral in Würzburg is a Romanesque church built from 1040. It is said to be the fourth largest Romanesque basilica in Germany. It is the third church on the site, the two previous ones, built around 787 and 855, were destroyed by fire. The side aisles were remodelled around 1500 in the late Gothic style. Pietro Magno decorated the cathedral with Baroque stuccoes in 1701. Most of the building collapsed after the Second World War. Reconstruction was completed in 1967.