New Neolog Synagogue in Lučenec

The New Neolog Synagogue in Lučenec was completed in 1925 by architect Lippòt Baumhorn. The synagogue was restored between 1948 and 1980 and in 2014-16. In use until 1944, this brick synagogue in the Art Nouveau style now serves as a cultural centre.

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Evangelical Church, Rimavská Sobota

The Evangelical Church of Rimavská Sobota was founded in 1786, and at that time it was located outside the city walls. As the evangelical population of the town was small compared to the Calvinists, they again turned to Emperor Joseph II (1765-1790) and asked him to collect donations from outside the state, which they obtained from the Swedish King Gustav III (1746-1792).

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Calvinist Church, Rimavská Sobota

The Calvinist church, with a single nave in Baroque and Classical style, was founded in 1784. At the end of the 19th century it was enlarged and later romantically redecorated. It was declared a national cultural monument in 1963.

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St. John the Baptist, Rimavská Sobota

The Roman Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist is a classicist church built between 1774 and 1790 on the site of a former Gothic church. Having become de facto Protestant in the 16th century, the church was returned to the Catholics in 1769 after a decision by Empress Maria Theresa (1745-1765) who had the church rebuilt from the 1770s.