The Old Synagogue

The Old Synagogue, founded in the 15th century, is one of the oldest preserved synagogues in Poland. Until 1939, it played the role of a central synagogue, the main religious, cultural, social and organizational centre of the Krakow Jewish community. Since its restoration in the 1950s, it is a part of the Historical Museum of Kraków.

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Vladimir Levin

Wolf Popper Synagogue in Kraków

The Wolf Popper (Bocian) Synagogue in Krakow is an Ashkenazi synagogue from 1620. The synagogue was restored throughout the 19th century and for the last time in 1904. This baroque stone synagogue now serves as a cultural centre.


Wysoka Synagogue

The Wysoka Synagogue resides in the Kazimierz District of Kraków, Poland, and is also referred to as the High Synagogue due to the upstairs location of the prayer room. It was built between 1556 and 1563 in a Renaissance style. It is now inactive following World War II.