Østerlars church

The Østerlars church, built around 1160, is the largest of Bornholm's round defensive churches. The Romanesque church is characteristic of the genre, with its three floors (church floor, shelter floor, defence floor), conical roof, separate bell tower and interior frescoes. In 1955, the building was restored.

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Olsker church

The Olsker church, built in the 12th century, is the highest of Bornholm's four round churches. The defensive architecture of this church has been carefully designed, with extremely narrow stairs to access the upper floors, preventing intruders from capturing the structure. Restorations were carried out in 1934 and 2004.

Nylars church

The Nylars church, built around 1165, is considered to be the best preserved of Bornholm's four round churches. Its upper floors were used as shelter for villagers and defence, and outside, the reinforced wall can still be seen. In 1882, the interior of the church was renovated.