Pokrovsky Cathedral

Pokrovsky Cathedral was built in brick in 1904-1905 according to the design of the architect Mikhail Mikhailovich Prozorov (1860-1914). The cathedral was built in memory of soldiers who died during the Russian-Japanese war. Its size and style make it very similar to the Daugavpils Cathedral of Saints Boris and Gleb, the largest Orthodox cathedral in Latvia.

About this building

Key Features

  • Architecture
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Visitors information

  • Car park at the building
  • Café within 500m

Other nearby buildings

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St. Francis Xavier Cathedral

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral is a Catholic religious building built in the Baroque style from 1678 to 1683 as the church of the adjacent Jesuit college. It was raised to the rank of a minor basilica in 1990 and became the cathedral of the diocese of Grodno in 1991. The church was used as a museum from 1960 to 1988 and was returned to worship in 1988 during the period of perestroika.

Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue of Grodno was built from 1576 to 1580 designed by Santi Gucci. Made from wood the synagogue burned down in 1902 and was rebuilt from 1902 to 1905 in the Moorish style as a complex of schools. The building was returned to the Jewish community in 1991, but it remains in disrepair.