The Saint-Quirin chapel

The Saint-Quirin chapel, founded in the 14th century, is a chapel dedicated to Quirin de Neuss. Of the current building, only the Gothic façade is original, dated 1355. The roof and bell tower were added in the 19th century. The water from the spring near the chapel is reputed to have healing properties.

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Trinity Church

The Church of the Trinity is located where a chapel was built in 1313. During the siege of the city by the troops of Louis XIV in 1684, the church and the 17th-century monastery surrounding it were destroyed. From 1737 to 1745, a new church was built on exactly the same spot and was the first large Baroque building in the town. Affected by the French Revolution, the church was transformed into a fodder store and as a theatre. Since 1817, it has been used for Protestant services.


Church of Saint-Jean-du-Grund

Saint-Jean-du-Grund is a church from the very beginning of the 18th century, which once belonged to the Benedictine Abbey of Münster. The interior contains a baroque choir, a beautiful 18th century organ and, in one of the chapels, a black Madonna and Child, carved around 1360, which is the object of great veneration.