Sanctuary of Monte Lussari

An incredible 14th century church, nestled on the peak of Mount Lussari, 1789m above sea level, where Italy, Slovenia and Austria meet in the Alps. Legend has it that the Virgin Mary appeared on this site and this inspired the construction of the church.

About this building

Built in the second half of the 14th century on the peak of Mount Lussari (Italian: Monte Lussari, Slovene: Svete Visarje) near the town of Tarvisio, Italy, this sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary has attracted pilgrims of Italian, German and Slovenian origins for generations. Legend tells that a shepherd, searching for his lost sheep, found them crowded around a mountain pine, in which was nestled a Madonna and Child. The sanctuary is part of a walking route through the mountains, and is a place of astonishing beauty, surrounded by enormous peaks and suggestive landscapes.

Key Features

  • Atmosphere / quiet space
  • Wildlife

Other nearby buildings

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Watschiger Toleranzbethaus

The Watschiger Toleranzbethaus is a Protestant church built in 1782, it was the second Toleranzbethaus built in stone in Carinthia and the oldest preserved. Toleranzbethäuser were Protestant churches built after 1781 on the basis of the tolerance patent of Emperor Joseph II of the Holy Roman Empire.

Wikimedia Commons/Raul de Chissota

St. James Church

The church of St. James was first mentioned in the 12th century. The church was rebuilt twice after earthquakes in 1348 and 1690. In 1944, the 16th-century glass paintings and the church roof were destroyed. Complete restorations were carried out in the second half of the 20th century.