Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey

In 1025, Oliba, Abbot of Ripoll and Bishop of Vic, founded a new monastery at the hermitage of Santa Maria de Montserrat. In 1409 the monastery of Montserrat became an independent abbey. From 1493 to 1835 Montserrat went through a period of growth as part of the Valladolid Congregation. During the Spanish Civil War, the monastery was abandoned but the government saved Montserrat from being sacked or ruined. Now Montserrat has been modernised to attend to the needs of current pilgrims.

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  • Train station within 250m
  • Car park at the building
  • Accessible toilets nearby
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Other nearby buildings

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Terrassa Cathedral

The cathedral of Terrassa was built between 1574 and 1616 in the Gothic style. During the Civil War of 1936-1939, it suffered a fire that affected the interior of the basilica and was used during the war as a car park; the restoration was completed in 1958. In 1999, the bell tower and façade were completed and a new section was added to the attic.

Wikimedia Commons/Pere López

Cathedral of San Feliú de Llobregat

The Cathedral of San Feliú de Llobregat is the work of the architect Josep Ros i Ros. The old parish church, a 19th-century work designed by Francisco Renart, was destroyed in July 1936, at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. All that remained of the old church was the bell tower. In 1939 the foundation stone of the current building was laid and in 1940 construction work began.

Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor

The Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart is a neogothic church located on the Tibidabo mountain in Barcelona. Its construction extended from 1902 to 1961.