Selimiye Mosque

The Selimiye Mosque is a typical Ottoman mosque built between 1568 and 1574 by the architect Mimar Sinan (1489-1588). Even though some of the tiles were defeated by the Russian General Mikhail Skobelev during the Ottoman-Russian War of 1877-1878, the mosque still houses magnificent marble, tiles and calligraphy. The Selimiye Mosque complex has been a World Heritage Site since 2011.

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  • Car park at the building
  • Café within 500m

Other nearby buildings

Wikimedia Commons/Özgür ZEYHAN

Old Mosque

The Old Mosque was built from 1402 to 1414 by the architect Konyalı Hacı Alâaddin. The mosque, which was damaged by fire in 1749 and by the earthquake in 1752, was repaired during the reign of Mahmud I (1730-1754). After the foundation of the Republic, it was restored in 1924-34.

Wikimedia Commons/Dosseman

Small Mosque

The small mosque, dating from 1435-36, is the only surviving building of a complex that included a soup kitchen (imaret) and a primary school (mekteb). The building was heavily repaired after earthquake damage and the present structure dates from 1957.