St. Agnes

The St. Agnes church, built from 1964 to 1967, is a former brutalist church designed by Werner Düttmann. Partially abandoned in the 2000s, it has been taken over by the König Gallery since 2015, which has turned it into a museum of contemporary art.

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German Cathedral

The German cathedral built between 1780 and 1785 by Carl von Gontard in the Baroque style. It is located opposite the French cathedral, built in the same years as part of a project to redevelop the Gendarmenmarkt commissioned by Frederick II (1440-1472). Burned down during the Second World War, the German Cathedral was rebuilt between 1983 and 1996, and since then it has housed the exhibition on the history of the German Parliament.

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French Cathedral

The French cathedral was built in the years 1780-1785 by Carl von Gontard in the Baroque style. The building was constructed at the instigation of Frederick II (1740-1772), who also ordered the construction of the German Cathedral (opposite the French Cathedral) as part of an extensive redevelopment project of the Gendarmenmarkt. Burned down during the Second World War, the French Cathedral was rebuilt in 1978-1983, true to the original exterior and modern interior. Since then, it has housed the Huguenot Museum.


St. Hedwig Cathedral in Berlin is the Episcopal Church of the Archdiocese of Berlin. Built between 1747 and 1773, St. Hedwig's Cathedral is the first Catholic church constructed after the Reformation in Berlin. After the destruction of the rotunda in an air raid during the Second World War, the cathedral was rebuilt from 1952, the interior was redesigned by the architect Hanns Schwippert.