St. Andrew's Monastery

The monastery of St. Andrew is an Orthodox monastery founded in 1389. Located in the middle of the Treska Gorge, this typical Byzantine monastery shows numerous rich frescoes.

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Wikimedia Commons/Tashkoskim

Church of St. Nicholas

The exact date of the construction of the Church of St. Nicholas is uncertain. However, there is evidence that the church existed in the first half of the 14th century. The monastery to which the church belonged was destroyed in 1844 by the Arnauts (Albanians).

Wikimedia Commons/Benjaminec

Hussein-Shah Mosque

The Hussein-Shah Mosque was built by Hussein Shah in the middle of the 16th century. Construction began in 1553 and was completed in 1566. The mosque has been damaged several times. First during the fire of Skopje by the Habsburg army in 1689, then during the Bulgarian occupation during the Second World War, as well as during the Skopje earthquake. After that, a number of conservation efforts were undertaken, which considerably changed the appearance of the mosque.