St. Bonaventure's Cathedral, Banja Luka

St. Bonaventure's Cathedral is one of the four Roman Catholic cathedrals in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first cathedral existed between 1887 and 1969, but an earthquake damaged it and its building had to be completely demolished. The new modernist cathedral built in 1972-1973 is reminiscent of a tent, recalling the Old Testament tent as a place of prayer.

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Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Banja Luka

The first church on the site of today's Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was built during the Ottoman period. It was destroyed after the 1875 uprising against the Turks. After the First World War, a new cathedral was built on this site between 1925 and 1939, but in 1941 it was bombed and its apse was badly damaged. Left in ruins by the communist regime, it was not until 1993 that the cathedral was rebuilt and finally completed in 2009.

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Ferhat Pasha Mosque

The Ferhat Pasha Mosque was built in 1579. It is considered a masterpiece of Islamic architecture and is a national monument in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Destroyed in 1993 during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was rebuilt afterwards.

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Mariastern Abbey, Banja Luka

Mariastern Abbey is a Trappist Abbey founded in the 19th century in Banja Luka. It is the only abbey with Trappist monks in Southeastern Europe. The ensemble consists of the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the monastery buildings.