St. Michael's Church

St. Michael's Church is a wooden church from the second half of the 18th century, combining elements of Baroque and late Classicism. Destroyed by French troops in 1812, it had to be rebuilt. At the end of the 19th century, a bell tower was added from the east.

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Church of the Intercession

The Orthodox Church of the Intercession was built between 1795 and 1808 on the site of a previous church burnt down by Saxon troops in 1678. In 1807, the new church burned down but was quickly rebuilt by the parishioners and reopened the following year. In 1861, a 27-metre bell tower with 12 bells was erected. As the number of believers increased, the temple underwent reconstruction in 1885 and 1911. Closed in 1934 by the Soviet authorities, the church reopened definitively after independence.

Wikimedia Commons/В.Васіленка

St. George's Church

St. George's Church is an Orthodox church built in 1867. In 1898, a wooden parish school was built near the church. This monument of vernacular architecture consists of a rectangular log house extended on a longitudinal axis is completed by a three-sided apse, on the opposite facade, the rectangular porch joins with a porch.