St Paul

In 1885 Lord Windsor gave one acre of land to locate a church for the new Cardiff suburb of Grangetown. He financed the initial building costs of £4000. The foundation stone was laid in 1889 and the building was opened by the Bishop of Llandaff on 5 February 1890. A chancel was added in 1902.

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Norwegian Church

The Norwegian church is a poignant reminder of when Cardiff was one of the greatest sea ports in the World. Norwegian ships transported Scandinavian timber to South Wales for use as ‘pit props' in the coal mines, and would then export coal back to Norway. The church was founded in 1868 by Herman Lunde of Oslo. It acted as a Seaman's mission with Scandinavian newspapers, magazines and facilities for writing letters home.

Vladimir Levin

Synagogue in Cardiff

The Synagogue in Cardiff is an Ashkenazi synagogue completed in 1896-97 by architect Delissa Joseph. It was rebuilt in 1989. In use until 1989, this stone synagogue in the Neo-Romanesque style now serves as an office building.

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St Catherine

The church was in 1883-6, by architect J Prichard. He did only the first three bays of the nave (his cruciform plan having proved over ambitious), and Kempson & Fowler added the chancel with the south chapel and north vestry in 1892-3. GE Halliday added the two bays of the west end in 1897.