St Peter

St Peter's is in a windswept location, in open farmland, with ancient yew trees and a patina of great antiquity. Abutting the north side of the tower, and entered from the church, is a rare medieval priest's house.

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St Mary

Eastling Church lies southeast of the main street in the centre of the village. The church is set back from the road and is surrounded by mature yew trees (one of which is more than 2,000 years old), with only the spire visible above them.

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St Matthew

The first mention of a place of worship in Ashford is given in a record in the reign of King Edward I, dated 1293, granting a dispensation of taxes during the time of the Crusades. This ancient chapel, dedicated to St Michael, was some 50 yards from the east window of the present church. From Saxon times until the middle of the 19th century St Michael's Chapel was a 'daughter church' of St Mary's, Staines.


Old Synagogue in Canterbury

The Old Synagogue in Canterbury is an Ashkenazi synagogue built in 1847-48 by architect Hezekiah Marshall. This concrete building in the Egyptian Revival style still serves as a synagogue.