Synagogue in Baja

The synagogue, designed by the Christian architect Lajos Frey, is a magnificent Neo-Classicist building erected in 1842-45. Its western (entrance) and northern (street) façades are decorated by Corinthian porticos. The interior is spanned with sail vaults and was richly painted, probably in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. In 1980 the building was converted into a library, but its interior was almost completely preserved.

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Holy Trinity church

The parish church of the Holy Trinity was built between 1751 to 1771. It underwent 18 restorations, most notably in 1888, 1939 and 2007. The church is 50.5 m long; 15.25m wide; the tower is 56 m high. The large bell weighs 2188kg and at least 48kg. The church still contains a registry list that dates back to 1895.

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Subotica Synagogue

The Subotica Synagogue is a monumental Art Nouveau synagogue built by Hungarian architects Marcell Komor (1868-1944) and Dezső Jakab (1864-1932). Construction began in 1902 in what was then Austria-Hungary. After renovations since 2003, the building was officially inaugurated in 2018.