Synagogue of Lazar Brodsky in Kyiv

The Lazar Brodsky Synagogue in Kiev is a neo-Russian style synagogue from 1897-98. The architects of the synagogue are Georgii Shleifer for the initial building, and Yu. Paskevich for the restoration in 2000. The synagogue was taken out of use between 1926 and 1997.

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St Volodymyr's Cathedral

The Volodymyrsky Cathedral was built between 1862 and 1882 in the Russian neo-Byzantine style, but the interior decoration, including many symbolist frescoes, was not completed until 1896. During the Soviet period, the cathedral escaped demolition but not closure, and during the Second World War, it became a museum of religion and atheism. After the war, the cathedral was reopened as one of the few functioning Orthodox churches in the USSR. Since 2018, the church has been the mother cathedral of the new Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which seceded from the Patriarch of Moscow.

St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral

St. Nicholas Cathedral is the Roman Catholic cathedral of Kyiv. It was built between 1899 and 1909 in the neo-Gothic style by the Ukrainian architect Vladislav Gorodetsky and Emilio Sala. In 1938, the Soviet authorities closed the cathedral. After its restoration in 1979-1980 by the architects O. Grauzhis and I. Tukalevskiy, the church became the seat of the National Institute of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine. Masses and other liturgical celebrations have been allowed in the cathedral since 1992.