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Vasylkiv New Jewish Сemetery

The exact period of the cemetery’s foundation is unknown. However, the oldest tombstone is dated to the early 20th century, so it can be assumed it was constructed in that period. The cemetery is not marked on old maps. The wall was erected by the ESJF in August 2015.

ESJF Cemteries

Fastiv Jewish Cemetery

The exact time of the Jewish community's emergence in Fastiv is unknown. Jews from Fastiv are mentioned in the documents of 1700. The date of the oldest known gravestone is 1906, and the last burial took place in 2008. During World War II, the Nazis removed gravestones from the cemetery to use as the foundations of the local Gestapo headquarters.

St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral

St. Nicholas Cathedral is the Roman Catholic cathedral of Kyiv. It was built between 1899 and 1909 in the neo-Gothic style by the Ukrainian architect Vladislav Gorodetsky and Emilio Sala. In 1938, the Soviet authorities closed the cathedral. After its restoration in 1979-1980 by the architects O. Grauzhis and I. Tukalevskiy, the church became the seat of the National Institute of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine. Masses and other liturgical celebrations have been allowed in the cathedral since 1992.