Tombul Mosque

The Mosque of Sheriff Khalil Pasha, better known as the Mosque of Tombul, whose construction began in 1740 and was completed in 1744. The mosque complex consists of a main building (prayer hall), a courtyard and a 12-room annex (madrasah boarding house). The main part of the prayer hall is a square, the central part is an octagon, passing through a circle, ending in a sphere (cube). The top of the cube is 25 meters above the ground. The minaret of the mosque is 40 meters high. The mosque in Tombul is one of the largest mosques in Bulgaria.

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Other nearby buildings

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Church of the Holy Virgin, Shumen

The Church of the Holy Virgin is a church of the Armenian community of Shumen, present in this city since the 17th century. The church burned down during the Russian-Turkish war of 1828-1829, so they rebuilt it in its present appearance in 1834.

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Holy Three Saints, Shumen

Holy Three Saints is an Orthodox church erected in 1857. Partially burnt down during the Second World War, the church was rebuilt in 1948. The temple also houses a chapel dedicated to St. Paisii Hilendarski, consecrated in 1971 and currently used as a baptistery.

Evangelical Methodist Church, Shumen

The Evangelical Methodist Church in Shumen is a testimony to the arrival of the first Methodist missionaries in Bulgaria in 1857. After the fall of communism, only three churches survived, one of which is located near Oborishte Square.