Tórshavn Cathedral

Tórshavn Cathedral, founded in 1788, is the second oldest church in the Faroes. It was not until 1609, during the reign of King Christian IV, that a proper church was built on this site. Rasmus Jørgen Winther, a pastor in Tórshavn in 1780, took the initiative to build a new church in 1782. However, it was not completed until 1788 by Johannes Poulsen, the master-builder of Tórshavn. The church of Christian IV was demolished after the consecration of the new church and the wood was sold at auction. Part of the inventory was transferred to the new church. The reconstruction of the church in 1865 changed the exterior of the church but only slightly affected the interior structural form of the church of 1788. On the whole, the structure of the 1865 church has been preserved.

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The "Western Church" is a modern religious building, the highest on the island at 40.9 metres. The church was consecrated in 1975. It rises above the city as a landmark and its shape seems to be inspired by a ship with a sail. The tower is shaped like a pointed pyramid cut in two vertically. In 2006, a monument by the sculptor Hans Pauli Olsen was erected in front of the church in memory of Sigmundur Brestisson (961-1005), who initiated the Christianisation of the Faroes.

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Fuglafjörður Church

Fuglafjörður Church was consecrated in 1984 and is probably the fifth church in Fuglafjörður. The oldest church was in Kirkjurygg, its ruins, mountains and skeletons were discovered during the construction of a road north of Ennið. The second church was in Toftabønar and was called Jákups-kirkjan (around 1400). The third church stood where part of the old cemetery is today. The church was demolished in 1871, and a new church was built. The fourth church (1871) stood on the same site, part of the church stands today. When it was built.

Church in front of a suggestive view of mountains and sea

Viðareiði Church

Found on the island of Viðoy, Viðareiði church is surrounded by excellent hiking trails and some of the most inspiring scenery in the entire Faroe Islands.