Unirea Sfântă Synagogue

The Unirea Sfântă (Holy Unity) Synagogue in Bucharest is an Ashkenazi synagogue built in 1908-1910 by architects Iulius Grünfeld and Herman Jankovici. This brick building in the Neo-Moorish style now serves as a museum.

About this building

For more information visit on this building visit http://historicsynagogueseurope.org/browser.php?mode=set&id=30295

Key Features

  • Architecture

Other nearby buildings

Choral Temple

The Choral Temple was constructed between 1864 and 1866 as a copy of Vienna’s Leopoldstadt-Tempelgasse Great Synagogue, and it was designed by Enderle and Freiwald. The synagogue was damaged in World War II but was restored in 1945. The main hall was recently refurbished in 2015. It is still an active synagogue with daily services.