Westmalle Abbey

The Abbey of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart or "Westmalle Abbey" is the oldest of the Trappist monasteries still in activity. It was founded in 1794 by French Cistercians fleeing the ban on monastic life in France. The priory was elevated to abbey status in the first half of the 19th century and began its brewing activities in 1836.

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Saint Gummarus Church

The Saint Gummarus Church was built on the same spot as a previous Romanesque parish church which was dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. The construction of the Saint Gummarus Church started in 1378 and lasted for 200 years. Because of this, the building was built in three different styles, according to the preference of the time: the lowest part is Gothic, the middle part Baroque and the roof and tower are Rococo. A renovation of the church is planned from 2021 until 2029.