Wooden articular church of Hronsek

The Wooden articular church of Hronsek is a Renaissance church dating from 1726. Its interior is original: the paintings, the bell and the organ all date from the 18th century. Since 2008, the church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Chapel of St. Michael

The Saint-Michael chapel is located in the picturesque 13th-century castle of Orava. After his family obtained ownership of the castle in 1556, Juraj Thurzo (1567-1616), a fervent Protestant, was the one who endowed it with the Chapel of St Michael. The richly decorated baroque interior houses the tombs of the Thurzo family. Nationalised after the Second World War, Orava Castle is now a museum and its chapel hosts traditional concerts.

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Evangelical Church, Rimavská Sobota

The Evangelical Church of Rimavská Sobota was founded in 1786, and at that time it was located outside the city walls. As the evangelical population of the town was small compared to the Calvinists, they again turned to Emperor Joseph II (1765-1790) and asked him to collect donations from outside the state, which they obtained from the Swedish King Gustav III (1746-1792).